The forwarding company « KOUSHA TARABAR TOUS » offers the international carriage of goods from Azerbaijan and the international movement of goods to Azerbaijan (Baku). Our company carries out transportation in all directions. You need to deliver the goods from Azerbaijan to a city in Russia, or, on the contrary, from Russia in the Azerbaijani city? We will help you with this. In addition, our company provides transportation from Azerbaijan to the CIS and Europe, and in the opposite direction.
Delivery of goods to Azerbaijan is carried out by different types of transport: aviation, railway, road trucks. In the development of the route and the choice of type of transport our specialists are guided, first and foremost by the interests of the client. Road transport is widely used in the transportation of various cargoes. The main advantage of road transport is the ability of trucking delivery anywhere in the country, regardless of its distance from major centers. Trucking in Azerbaijan carried out on the basis of logistics, developed by our specialists. We always strive that transports of goods in Azerbaijan were beneficial to our clients, we ensure their efficiency, speed of delivery, reliability and safety of the cargo.
When you need to send small consignments of goods to Azerbaijan, there is no need to hire a separate transport, you can use the service of joint cargo. Small batch production can be delivered as fast, but with a much lower cost. The joint cargo will be offered by a company specialist, if it turns out that this method of sending more beneficial to the client.
Legal and shipping escort are extra services of our company. This will significantly reduce the risk of loss of time and eliminates the various misunderstandings. Prompt and convenient delivery of goods between Baku and Moscow and other Russian cities is provided by well-established international relations, as well as the proven routes. We can also take on the customs clearance of goods, in cases where the sender or seller of goods is not willing or able to take on this responsibility.
Largest importers of consumer goods and other products in Azerbaijan are the countries of South-East Asia, particularly China. We provide container shipping to Azerbaijan from Asia and South-East Asia and China.
« KOUSHA TARABAR TOUS » will be appreciated to deliver your goods to / from Azerbaijan!

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Kousha Tarabar is poised to be known as a worldwide supplier of port and marine services, serving a large number of maritime clients through an expanding global port network. Kousha Tarabar provides unrivalled service quality to the shipping industry through a unique business mix of people, sophisticated management systems and IT solutions. Kousha Tarabar's experienced staff provides in-depth market knowledge, reassuring clients that their needs, regardless of trade or vessel type, will be met, throughout the world, no matter what the shipping requirement may be.