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Kousha Tarabar International Transport Company with eminent history on transporting different types of car (light and heavy) is ready to deliver your cars.

 The company runs a good number of trucks for auto transporting under the authorized license and responsibility.

Kousha Tarabar company honors with having vessels and trucks under its responsibility along with the professional team, transport cars from U.A.E to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan ,Uzbekistan and Tajikistan and vice versa.

KoushaTarabar Company assures you to deliver the cars in less than 10 days from the time that we receive the cars in Dubai to the respective destination.

We receive the cars based on the check lists in Dubai and deliver the cars with the same condition in the destination.

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Stak Building,1st Floor,No 3, Between Hashemieh 31, 33 St., Hashemieh BlvdMashhadRazavi KhorasanPostal Code : 9168965743Iran

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Kousha Tarabar is poised to be known as a worldwide supplier of port and marine services, serving a large number of maritime clients through an expanding global port network. Kousha Tarabar provides unrivalled service quality to the shipping industry through a unique business mix of people, sophisticated management systems and IT solutions. Kousha Tarabar's experienced staff provides in-depth market knowledge, reassuring clients that their needs, regardless of trade or vessel type, will be met, throughout the world, no matter what the shipping requirement may be.