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With exclusive rail coding in all CIS stations, we developed our turkey / Iran-CIS rail-way route with the help of our all- around agencies, who are prepared to offer transit services such as exclusive CIS coding, Buzhy Charging in Sarakhs, Booking Russian wagons and platforms, Transshipment and RTR services in all CIS regons, Middle East, Turkey.

Our primary interest is with our customer's wide variety and constant need for change in the procedures and distribution of products.Our customized handeling procedures guarantee a smooth, cost effective and customer friendly transport with daily reports fpr all types of cargo.

Rail-way services

  • Import and Export Rail DPT
  • Expedition Services
  • Renting Russian Private Wagons
  • Booking MPS wagons and Platforms
  • Transhipment and RTR services in all CIS and Turkey stations
  • Full rail freight service from Poti and Mersin to all CIS destinations

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Kousha Tarabar is poised to be known as a worldwide supplier of port and marine services, serving a large number of maritime clients through an expanding global port network. Kousha Tarabar provides unrivalled service quality to the shipping industry through a unique business mix of people, sophisticated management systems and IT solutions. Kousha Tarabar's experienced staff provides in-depth market knowledge, reassuring clients that their needs, regardless of trade or vessel type, will be met, throughout the world, no matter what the shipping requirement may be.